Please go through following frequently asked questions. If you are still not able to get your answer feel free to write us.

Q. How to register?
Please follow this link to register with us. Make sure you mention “Acceptance ID”; issued to you with your Acceptance letter.

Q. What are the payment options?

You can pay either by your “Credit Card”, “PayPal” or “Wire-Transfer”.

Q. How to get “Wire-Transfer” Details?

Please follow the registration process. In Payment method section, select

“Wire-Transfer” and all related details will be shared.

Bank/ credit card require additional charges for transmitting registration fee, should we include those charges within the fee?

Bank/ card charges vary from bank to bank and country to country. Any addition charges are to be born by the payee. If less amount is received, we may collect the outstanding balance at our reception counter at venue.

Q. Are the submitted funds refundable?

Yes. Funds are refundable before 15th May, 2017 with deduction of $200. After that no refund/ cancellation request will be entertained.

Q. Do the conference organization has any arrangement of VISA facilitation with US Embassy?

No. We do not have any arrangement with US Embassy for VISA facilitation. All attendees must apply and get their VISA by themselves. We only provide Acceptance letter with “Acceptance ID” which is verifiable at our website.

Q. I need an Invitation letter. How can I get one?

Invitation letters are issued on request to all members except students. You may leave request for Invitation letter at our email afm@functionalmaterials.org. Students may apply for invitation letter after successful registration with us.

Q. Does conference provide any financial assistance to attendees?No. We do not provide any kind of financial assistance to the attendees. Only students have a discounted registration.

Q. I am a student, how can I get a discount?

Those who had submitted their abstracts with student flag, are required to submit proof at our email “info@functionalmaterials.org” which will be verified and then issued a unique discount code. This code will enable you to register at student rate.

Q. What documents are required as student proof?

Any valid document issued by University, stating your name, course details, tenure, picture. Normally we accept scanned image of your “Student Card” along with a certificate (preferably in our name) on university letterhead, properly signed and stamped with visible reference number.

Note: Any document provided can be sent for verification to the issuing authorities.
Note: Students need to bring the provided proof documents with them at venue.

Q. Will my abstract be reviewed by International reviewers?

Yes, the abstracts would be reviewed carefully by the international reviewers. Only those abstracts will be accepted, that would pass the reviewer’s evaluation.

Q. Can we make any changes in our abstract now?

Yes, you can, but its subject to registration. Only registered members may request abstract amendments.

Q. Can multiple authors present their work on a single abstract?

No. But they may attend conference either with guest/day registration or registering as regular.

Q. Can multiple abstracts be presented by a single presenter?

Yes. But they must register for each presentation separately, however for each additional registration a discount of $200 will be given.

Q. Can a guest attend the conference?

Yes. Please visit this link for further details.

Q. Is it mandatory to submit full length paper to the proceedings?
It is not mandatory to submit full length paper. Those who are interested to publish full length paper in Materials & Design (Elsevier) can submit their manuscripts by TBA.