Co Chairs

  1. Advisory Committee
  2. Graphene/2D materials, Synthesis :
    Manish Chowalla, (The State University of New Jersey, USA)
    Prof. Huiming Cheng, (Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, China)
    Prof. Zhongfan Liu, (Peking University, China)
    Prof. Dapeng Yu, (Peking University, China)
    Prof. Hua Zhang, (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
    Prof. Anliang Pan, (Purdue University, USA)
    Prof. Hailin Peng, (Peking University, China)
    Prof. Rodney Ruoff, (Institute of Basic Sciences, Korea)
    Prof. Jing Kong, (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
    Prof. Pulickel Ajayan, (Rice University, USA)
    Prof. Yunqi Liu, (Peking University School of Advanced Materials, China)
    Prof. Xiangfeng Duan, (University California Los Angles, USA)
  3. 2D Physics and Device :
    Philip Kim(Harvard University, USA)
    Prof. Kang Wang(University California Los Angles, USA)
    Prof. Shoucheng Zhang(Stanford University, USA)
    Prof. Jeanie Lau (University of California, Riverside, USA)
    Prof. Toney Heinz, (Columbia University, USA)
    Prof. Xiaodong Xu, (University of Washington, USA)
    Prof. Andras Kis (École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne, Switzerland)
    Prof. Lianmao Peng (Peking University School of Advanced Materials, China)
    Prof. Han Wang, (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
    Prof. Fengnian Xia, (Yale University, USA)
    Prof. Tomas Palacios (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
    Prof. James Hone (Columbia University, USA)
    Prof. Feng Wang (University of California Berkeley, USA)
    Prof. Yoshihiro Iwasa (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
    Prof. Kian Ping Loh, (National University Singapore, Singapore)
    Prof. Peide Ye (Purdue University, USA)
    Prof. Ali Javey, (University of California at Berkeley)
    Prof. Kaustav Banerjee, (University of California at Santa Barbara)
  4. Energy Solar:
    Yang Yang, (University of California Los Angeles)
    Prof. Aditya Mohite, (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  5. Battery/Supercapacitor:
    Bruce Dunn, (University of California Los Angeles)
    Prof. Sarah Tolbert, (University of California Los Angeles)
    Prof. Richard Kaner, (University of California Los Angeles)
    Prof. Xiangfeng Duan(University of California Los Angeles)
  6. Fuel Cell:
    Nenad M. Markovic(Argonne National Laboratory, Lemont)
    Prof. Allen Bard, (University of Texas at Austin)
    Dr. Rod Borup(Los Alamos National Laboratory),
    Dr. Yu Seung Kim(Los Alamos National Laboratory chemistry)
    Dr. Deborah Myers (Argonne National Laboratory),
    Prof. Shao-Horn Yang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology),
    Dr. Vojislav R. Stamenkovic (Argonne National Laboratories),
    Prof. Liming Dai (Case Western Reserve University),
    Prof. Yu huang (University of California Los Angeles)
  7. Catalysis/Photocatalysis:Prof. Xinhe Bao, (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
    Prof. Nanfeng Zheng (Xiamen University, China)
    Prof. Hong Yang (University of Illinois, USA)
    Prof. Yat Li (University California, SANTA, USA)
    Prof. Yadong Li (Tsing Hua University, China)
    Prof. Peidong Yang (University California Berkerley, USA)
    Prof. Fuat Celik (Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA)
    Prof. Jean-Marie Basset (Director, KAUST Catalysis Research Center)
    Prof. Tae Jin Kim (Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, USA)
  1. Flexible/Wearable electronics:
    John Rogers(University of Illinois, USA)
    Prof. Zhenan Bao(Stanford University, USA)
    Prof. Younghee Lee(Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    Prof. Marc Hersam (Northwestern University, USA)
    Prof. Takao Someya, (University of Tokyo, Japan)
    Prof. Dae-hyeong kim (Seoul National University, Korea)
    Prof. Zhong Lin Wang (Georgia Tech, USA)
  2. Nanobio:
    Charles Lieber(Harvard University, USA)
    Prof. Hongjie Dai(Stanford University, USA)
    Prof. Chunhua Yan(Peking University, China)
    Prof. Weihong Tan (University of Florida, USA)
    Dr. Tan Sui (University of Oxford UK)
  3. Porous materials:
    Omar Yaghi(University of California, Berkeley, USA)
    Prof. Dongyuan Zhao(Fudan University, China)
    Prof. Pingyuan Feng(University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)
  4. Nanocrystals synthesis/assembly:
    Chad Mirkin(Northwestern University, USA)
    Prof. Chris Murray(University of Pennsylvania, USA)
    Prof. Younan Xia(Geogia Tech. USA)
    Prof. Yadong Yin (UC Riverside)
    Prof. Kwanghee Lee (Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology (GIST), Korea),
    Dr. Michael De Volder (University of Cambridge, UK)
    Prof. Li Zhang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
    Prof. Hui-Ming Cheng (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
  5. Imaging and 3D image:
    James De Yoreo(University of Washington, USA)
    Prof. John Miao(University California, Los Angles, USA)
    Prof. Haimei Zheng(Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)
    Prof. Angus Kirkland (University of Oxford, UK)
    Prof. Xiaoqing Pan (University of California,USA)
    Prof. Alexander Korsunsky (University of Oxford UK)
  6. Nanophotonics:
    Harry Atwater(California Institute of Technology, USA)
    Prof. Qihua Xiong(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
    Prof. Teri Odom(Northwestern University, USA)
    Prof. Xiaoyang Zhu (Columbia Chemistry, USA)
  7. Theory:
    William A. Goddard(California Institute of Technology, USA)
    Prof. Philip Sautet, (Prof. Philip Sautet, France)
    Prof. Anastassia N. Alexandrova(University of California, Los Angeles, USA)